Teaching In Private Schools: What Are the Benefits?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to teach at a private school or public school. Given that salaries tend to be lower at private schools, are there benefits that can negate a difference in salary? This article will consider some of the many benefits of teaching at a private school, examining some of the differences over teaching at a public school.

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The Advantages Of Substitute Teaching

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average teacher takes an estimated 9.4 days off during a 180 day year. As a result, there is a huge demand for substitute teachers in many school systems. In many school districts, you are only required to pass a background check and have a high school diploma or GED. However, you should check with your local school systems to learn specific criteria they have in place. As with any job, substitute teaching has its own unique rewards as well as challenges. Let’s examine some of the advantages associated with becoming a substitute teacher.

Advantages of substitute teaching

Working as a substitute provides you with more flexibility than most occupations. You have the option of accepting a job if it fits in your schedule, but you can also decline a job without giving a reason.Continue Reading

Contributions of neuroscience and neuro-psychology to understanding vocational education learning

Teachers Neuroscience

Now the ‘learning a trade’ report has been completed, I will be moving through a list of readings in the fields of neuroscience and neuro-psychology. Basically, my ‘summer reading’ project from now into mid-2014. This is an exciting time for scientists working in the fields of neurobiology due to the enhanced opportunities afforded through recent advances in medical imagery.  Learning on brain function is no longer limited to post-activity or illness study through autopsy.  MRI and CT scans are able to provide synchronous recording of brain activity as it takes place.Continue Reading

Power of a Brain on Play

Resources for teachers playing

Most people would rather be anywhere but at work.  The US consistently falls behind other developed nations in innovative advances. Play is rarely an option for workplace progress.

See any relationship between these three realities?

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College Ready?

college campus

By Mark Why do we want every kid to be “college ready”? True, the new phrase is “college and career ready,” but I feel that the word career too often carries a distinctly cubicled and clean-fingernailed connotation. A very informal verbal and non-scientific poll of a few of my own students helped reinforce this to […]

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Reflections on my trip to China

Great wall of China

I have had a couple of weeks to reflect on latest trip toChina. Every time I visit, I feel some sense of belonging, even though my family is several generations removed from the mother country. The food, language, ways of doing things are familiar, and yet somehow also strange and exotic. [ mysoline 250mg pills […]

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Video – Will it be Gridlock or Greatness? Answers May Surprise!

How does the brain move from gridlock to greatness? What do you think? Deeply indebted to innovative leaders like Ted Coine, Shawn Murphy and all, over at Switch and Shift League of Extraordinary Thinkers. To leaders everywhere – the pressing question remains … Will it be Gridlock or Greatness? The Brain Decides … [ levitra […]

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Class Size and Deathless Prose: Clamor in the Classroom!

by Maren Johnson When you teach five high school classes a day, five days a week, you’re not inclined to go home to clear your head and fashion deathless prose. After a day of five classes your head is filled with the clamor of the classroom. ~Frank McCourt, Teacher Man McCourt, a thirty-year teaching veteran […]

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Pens for Surface RT Tablet

We have just about started our ‘Project surface tablet’ projects. We have 12 project teams, each with an identified learning outcome that can be enhanced through the use of ‘situated technology enhanced learning’. Several of the teams have learning activities that use OneNote in tandem with Skydrive to create shared learning resources. OneNote, along with […]

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Prepare Leaders for Mind Drivers Past Gridlock

What if  you engaged opposing views as if you supported these  before you address an opinionated view? [ clomipramine 75mg pills 270 $322.00 | generic viagra on line cheap | tizanidine 2mg pills $217.00 | sublingual viagra pro 100mg pills $126.00 | cialis samples in canada | zyprexa 10mg pills $173.00 | ilosone 500mg pills […]

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